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Parmer Joins Pasadena Primary Care

Jim York, MD Joins Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Center

AAMC Among “Most Wired” Hospitals Nationwide

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Choosing Wisely

CT scans for children with head injuries: When they need them—and when they don’t
About half of children in emergency rooms with head injuries get CT scans. But one in three of the CT scans aren’t necessary. Before ordering a CT scan, the doctor should examine the child and ask about the injury and symptoms. Read more.


Blog: That's what friends are for
As a Capitol Hill lobbyist, Ray Torreon's speech was his trade. Then a stroke left him struggling for words. Find out about a special place that gave him hope for a brighter future. Read now.

Watch: Stroke Signs and Symptoms
Neurologist Alex Katcheves, MD, stresses the importance of calling 9-1-1 if you or someone else is having a stroke. Watch now.

Listen: The Power of an Hour
Neurologist Arash Farhadi, MD, talks about the best chance of eliminating a strokes consequences. Listen now.

Learn more about the AAMC Stroke Center

Recent Blog Posts

From Maine To Mom

When Lisa Stiffler’s mother fell critically ill her biggest concern was being by her mother’s side. Although she was hundreds of miles from her home, Lisa was able to focus on what mattered because of the convenience and hospitality of the Hackerman-Patz House for AAMC patient family members. I live[...]

A Change for Good

Like many of us, AAMC employees Peggy Rabuck and Joyce Kroneberger were no strangers to dieting. So when they saw a new “diet” advertised at AAMC from the reputable Mayo Clinic, they decided to give it a try. “It was unlike any other program I’ve done,” says Kroneberger. “This was[...]

That’s what friends are for. Ray Torreon’s story

One year after suffering a stroke, 47-year-old Ray Torreon says the AAMC Stroke Club has played an important role in helping him recover from and learn to adjust to life after stroke. At those early stroke club meetings . . . I didn’t intend to, but I broke down and[...]

One Woman’s Learning Journey to Weight Loss

July 30, 2014 Margie Chase usually had success with weight loss when she put her mind to it. But then, something stressful would happen in her life, and the pounds would add up again. It wasn’t until the 53-year-old Davidsonville resident learned to understand nutrition and the underlying reasons for[...]

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